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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My First Parrot a memoir


My eyes fell upon this magnificent green creature. She reminded me of a smooth miniature dinosaur. I did not dare touch her for I knew of the possible consequences. The room was spacious with minimal furniture and hardwood flooring. There was a dog and 2 cats roaming the room.  A grey rabbit in a cage close to the front door.  Off of the living room through two French glass doors, there were more cages with smaller birds on them.  I had come to see Kiki the six year old Yellow Napped Amazon. Not taking her eyes off me, Kiki walked about her  play stand slowly  while the owner and I discussed her likes, dislikes, diet and routine. I told the owner about my home, my husband, two girls and two dogs. We spent close to an hour sharing information back and forth. I told her I would go home to think about it and get back to her by the next day. Even if it was only for one hour I was going to leave and think about it. Mainly to call my Mother and see if she would loan me the five hundred dollars to purchase  Kiki. Full of excitement I said goodbye to Kiki and the owner. Off to call my Mom I went.

Kiki a Yellow Napped Amazon
I'm doing some writing with the subject being, my experiences with parrots. Keeping parrots has been a learning adventure for me. I have researched many parrot topics of what I knew nothing about. I now have opinions about issues, yet keep an open mind. There is always more to learn and different perspectives to contemplate. I 'm thinking the way a blog is set up (most recent first) may not be the best approach to writing a memoir. However, here is my first draft of a starting point.

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  1. Kathy im glad you are writing about your love of birds. I so nice to catch a glimpse into other people lives~
    Love your new blog sister!