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Sunday, November 17, 2013


The talk in Parrot Town lately has been the film by Allison Argo "Parrot Confidential". This film aired November 13th on PBS, Nature.  For what it was "Parrot Confidential" was a nice film. Then again I like anything to do with parrots. I was disappointed in the lack of  content and accuracy, but  how much content can be fit into 1 hour of filming. "Parrot Confidential" only touched the tip of the iceberg as the saying goes. There would need to be a weekly episode about parrots for at least a year to touch the many aspects and plight of parrots. I believe the films main focus was to raise awareness of the abused parrot in general.

As with many topics in the world there are different points of view, perspective and opinions. The film created a lot of discussion amongst the parrot community. Many emotions were stimulated. Sadness, anger, frustration to name a few. I would preferred to have seen both sides of the spectrum. The small barren cage, the dirty cage and the large clean cage or aviary with lots of enrichment and toys.

Maybe this documentary was to discourage people from getting that cute, funny, talking parrot on display at the local pet store. By the way, not all parrots talk. If you think about it, how many people outside the parrot community really saw this film. I doubt the numbers are real high. I think you have to be a bird person or animal rights person for "Parrot Confidential"  one film, to have been a high priority on the to do list. I'm sure if there was enough interest and money a weekly show displaying the many aspects, perspectives and opinions could be aired. Do enough people in the world really care? Probably not.

My single most important piece of advise on getting a parrot. Research, read and talk to people who have or have had parrots first. Do this before you buy or take one into your home. Make sure the whole family is in agreement.. Spread the word so when that impulse buy pops into someone's head they may remember hearing "RESEARCH FIRST".

As I stated earlier, in my opinion (and we all have one) "Parrot Confidential" was a well put together film for what it was. A peek into the parrot world. The abuse part. You may view the 58 minute film at the link provided below.


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