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Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Seattle Parrot expo 2013 was a huge success. Thanks so much to the one's who stepped up to the plate and took on the large task of researching, organizing and setting up this great event. There were several vendors and booths representing parrot education, rescues, sanctuaries and bird items to purchase. I extremely enjoyed walking around in a relaxed atmosphere looking at displays, watching the live parrot demos and networking with other parrot people. This part of the event was free to anyone who wished to drop by and check it out. A great event that is family friendly, see live parrots and learn about them.
I attended Dr. Susan Friedman's seminar "Living and Learning with Animals". A short course in applied  behavior analysis. This 2 day seminar cost $200.00. Included with the seminar was breakfast, lunch, snacks and you earned the Flight Club Foundation "Wings" pin. Susan Friedman's presentations are requested by organizations, business, clubs, zoos etc... I believe this seminar would be useful to most anyone since most of us to communicate. How do we get the positive behavior we are looking for from our pets, children, spouse or our co-workers? Susan Friedman presented the science of behavior by using examples to make it easier for us to relate to what she was trying to get across. The science of behavior can be complex. At times I had a confused look on my face until I listened harder. A well organized presentation in a casual setting. To learn more about Susan Friedman and her seminars visit http://www.behaviorworks.org/
The Seattle Parrot Expo raised enough money to provide 2 grants for Northwest Parrot Sanctuary applicants. The 2 sanctuaries chosen this year to receive the grants are
Zazu's House   http://zazushouse.org/
Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary   http://macawrescueandsanctuary.org/
Again, I'm so proud of the people who helped make this event happen. I do hope the Flight Club Foundation will have the people and resources to make the Seattle Parrot Expo a yearly event. It's a great place for parrot people to network and a fun outing for the family. If you want to learn more about parrots and see them live, this is the event for you. Here is the Flight Club foundation website for more detailed information about the Seattle Parrot Expo. http://www.flight-club-foundation.org/

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  1. Kathy, I've been meaning to comment on here...thank you so much for such a wonderful review about Seattle Parrot Expo. Seattle Parrot Expo is happening again in 2014 at the Tukwila Community Center. This time, we are feature Barbara Heidenreich and hands on behavior class! The behavior class is limited to 40 participants total, so sign up for that sooner than later.