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Friday, September 6, 2013

Macaw Rescue & Sanctuary

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Bob Dawson’s Macaw Rescue & Sanctuary was eye candy for the bird lover at a local level. Most of us don’t have the means to travel and see parrots in their natural habitat. Sure it’s great to see parrots in their natural habitat. The truth is, parrots are kept as pets. When the parrot owner can no longer keep them or the breeder is done with them, parrots need a safe place to go. Bob and his volunteer’s have taken on the responsibility of creating a rescue and  sanctuary. A task very few of us could or would take on.

I had the pleasure of attending an auction fundraiser. The goal was to raise funds to help operate the rescue. I feel it was nicely done. Freedom to walk the grounds on your own, good food, nice pamphlet with map and Debbie Goodrich of Parrot Ambassador’s made a outstanding auctioneer. I brought home two items I did not necessarily need, but I’m glad to have them. I ran into another bird person I knew from Yakima, met a few Facebook bird people in person and visited with a few other new people. It was a tremendous experience to see the rescue and not just hear about it.

Bird lover or not, I would suggest this event be put on your calendar of things to do for next August. I’m sure your entire family would enjoy roaming the wooded area, listening to the chatter of parrots while enjoying a picnic lunch with good company.  As Bob Dawson’s Macaw, Rescue & Sanctuary suggests “Help us help the birds”.

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