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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ideal Life Of A Parrot

Someone asked "what is an ideal life for a parrot". My reply is this. My perception of an ideal life for a parrot in captivity would be to have a human companion willing to go the extra mile. Have a schedule for the parrot yet be flexible. Give the parrot freedom yet keep them safe. Be provided with a quality diet & variety. To incorporate the parrot into your daily activities when possible. Have cages where the humans spend their time & keep the cages clean. Provide the parrot with quality interactive time with the human & feathered flock indoors and outdoors. Stimulate and challenge the parrots state of mind by providing a variety of perches, toys and training. Basically meet the parrots physical and emotional needs and them some on a daily basis. The human companion should learn as much as possible about their species & parrot behavior.

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