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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pet Pantry Pet Store

Shelly Halma is the proprietor of Pet Pantry located on 16th & Summitview in Yakima, Washington. Pet Pantry specializes in Natural pet foods and specialty supplies. You will find reptiles & reptile feeders, tanks of fish, wonderful dog and cat accessories, rodent accessories, and things for your birds. As far as buying pets, this is a store you will want to visit often.  The type of pets available for sale and the products change from time to time. You will find different products then what Petco or Petsmart has to offer.
For the parrot enthusiast, Tanya is very helpful and full of information. She will do wing clips & nail trims for a small fee. As far as supplies for your feathered friend you will find pellets, seed, seed in bulk bins, toys, play stands and cages. If Shelly does not have it in stock she would be happy to order it for you. If you would like to contact Shelly or Tanya at Pet Pantry the number is 509-966-7300.
Pet Pantry moved to the new location fall of 2010. They now provide a self service pet wash area. I have not yet tried this service but anticipate it to be excellent.

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